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Limited Edition Handmade Illuminati Octopus Glass Art Mouthpiece is bundled with the CloudV CUBE!

Introducing the premium herbal on go device! This CUBE is one of its kind in both functionality and portability. CUBE features a removable chamber and a removable battery. You can now access the components easily. With its superb convection oven, you can simply load and enjoy any aromatherapy herbal blends. It will produce pure effortless clouds each time!

What makes this setup perfect?

CUBE is an all in one perfect kit for those who enjoy having a small and compact diffuser as well as taking advantage of the perfectly designed bubbler add-on. For easy use, maintenance and cleaning, you can simply remove or replace the chamber, the battery and the mouthpiece!

CUBE Kit includes:
1 Chamber
1 Bubbler
1 Glass Mouthpiece
1 Mouthpiece Base
1 Packing Tool
1 Cleaning Brush
1 18350 Battery
1 Owner’s manual
1 USB Cable

The CUBE dimensions are:
Unit Only: 2.2″ x 2.2″ x 0.9″
With Bubbler: 2.2″ x 5″ x 1.2″

How does the CUBE work?

The CloudV CUBE is very easy to use and maintain. Once unpackaged, it is recommended to charge your device for at least 2 hours before the first use. This will condition the battery for future charging during its lifespan. When connected to the charger, the red LED will turn on. Once the battery is at its full capacity, the charging will stop and the LED will turn green. During normal use, the button will flash and turn off to indicate that the unit needs charge.

To lock/unlock the battery, you need to click the button 5 times in sequence. The LED light will flash 3 times in white color around the button. Press the button 2 times in sequence to change the temperature settings.

To load your CUBE chamber, follow these steps:

– Remove the mouthpiece base from the heating chamber.
– Fill the heating chamber with your products.
– Use the packing tool to gently pack the chamber.
– Screw the mouthpiece base tightly back onto the chamber.

Temperature settings:
GREEN (340F)
BLUE (385F)
RED (420F)

Press and HOLD the button to start the heating process. It can take up to 30 seconds to heat up to the set temperature. During the heating process, the button will flash and will become solid when the temperature has reached to the set temperature. The unit will auto shut off after another 2.5 minutes.

To use the bubbler, remove the glass mouthpiece tip from the base. Fill up your bubbler with water and place the bubbler securely on the metal base with twisting motions.

How do you maintain the CUBE?

To maintain the CUBE, it is recommended to clean the chamber and the mouthpiece after every use.

To clean the chamber, deactivate the device by locking it. Make sure it has not been used for at least 15 minutes and is completely cooled off. Remove the mouthpiece base and empty the contents. Next, open the lid of the unit. Remove the chamber and thoroughly clean the chamber using rubbing alcohol wipes and the cleaning brush provided in the kit.

To clean the mouthpiece, you may use the cleaning brush to clean out the particles on the filter. You may use a damp cloth to wipe out any leftover particles. This will prevent clogging.


Cloud V Enterprises warrants Cloud CUBE against defects in material and workmanship under normal use for a period of 1 year from the date of retail purchase by the original end-user/purchaser. If physical defect arises and a claim is received within the warranty period, it is the responsibility of Cloud V to either repair the product defect or exchange the product with a product that is new or is fully functional.


When not in use, you should store your Cloud in a safe place to avoid accidental activation. You should not leave your charger plugged in or unattended in a hot area or near flammable objects as this could be a fire hazard. You should keep your Cloud CUBE away from water or any other liquid and away from any environment involving strong acids, alkaline or combustible material. Please keep this out of reach of children and pets. It is intended for persons over the age of 21.


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