Cloud V Power Bank

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Power banks can be extremely beneficial when you are the type that loves vaping without interruption. This is the exact reason why CloudV introduced its super powerful power bank, which comes with an unbeatable capacity. It features 5600mAh rechargeable battery. A lot of vape lovers are already taking this epic opportunity to enhance their vaping experience. Just think of that amusing moment when you are vaping and then your devices goes off. There is nothing as frustrating as that. To prevent this, CloudV has developed an extraordinary powerhouse that will keep you hooked-up at all times. This incredible portable power bank makes you feel like you have a power station in your pocket!

As this ultra-sleek power bank is a product of modern technology, it is neither heavy nor inconvenient to carry about. This means that you will enjoy its ergonomic and unique design. Being so impressively portable and splendid in looks always gives a delight to anyone who buys it and carries it around. CloudV provides this amazing portable power bank which has put into consideration the basic needs of a 21th century vaper.

The CloudV has built the best power bank you can hope to get. It has also being made available to you at an unbeatable price. You cannot get a portable power bank as efficient as this amazing CloudV’s creation. This means that you won’t have to worry about anything if you are travelling once you have this super gadget! Nothing compares to the feeling of confidence that envelopes you when you know you have this fabulous power bank charger.

This is no doubt the revolutionary power supply to your vaping devices. Enjoy the thrilling experience of having unlimited power supply to you vaping accessories by getting this marvelous power bank charger.

 Product Specifications:

Capacity: 5600mAh
Compatible with: Vaporizers, Phones, Tablets, etc.
Input: 5V-1A
Output: 5V-1A
Battery Type: Li-ion Cell